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Floral subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving! Professionally designed bouquets can further enhance your brand in business, or bring a constant, recurring variety of beauty to a home setting. Whether as office decor, an accent in your home or to let a special someone know how much you care, our custom and affordable floral arrangements will brighten up any space. 


Our floral subscription prices are very reasonable. All you have to do is choose your budget, how often you would like to send/receive flowers, and what size you want. If they are a gift, we can coordinate directly with the recipient to input their delivery preferences as needed.


No need in throwing away vases every month, you only pay for the flowers!  That’s right, we routinely recycle vases for our subscription service, after they’ve been cleaned and sanitised of course.  This ensures that your investment is for hand-crafted, delightful bouquets, and not their temporary home :-)  Some customers choose to supply their own vases, which we handle with care.


Don’t worry, you’re not locked in!  Our floral subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis.

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